Online Senior - Game Development - Grade 7+


Classes are designed for those with experience in coding. Senior students take coding to the next level and learn to develop applications and video games. We tailor the experience and challenges based age and the individual student's learning trajectory. Your teen and pre-teen will learn Python in an experiential environment using a complete IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and libraries used by professional coders.

During our project based learning activities your child will build skills in:

  • computer programming: your child will learn the syntax, structure and algorithms to create programs using Python

  • computational logic: your child will learn to approach problems and challenges with creativity and critical thinking

  • emotional intelligence: your child will learn active listening, social perceptiveness and leadership

  • technological  intelligence: your child will learn digital literacy and begin to understand the tech landscape and its impact




Locations: North America

Cost:     $283 +tax

First Week: July 5

Format: 9 weeks - 1 class/week - 2 hrs/class

*Exact times vary depending on time zone

Class: 5 - 6 student to 1 coach 

Recommended Grades: Grades 7 and up


Register - Senior

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Tuesday:  July 6 to August 31

Thursday: July 8 to September 2