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Before founding Kids Hack Labs and working with Hatch Coding, I worked for one of the big three banks in Canada as a talent architect. While with the bank, I spent considerable time looking at trends and advising on the acquisition and development of capability. Pouring through data and researching industry drivers to tease out trends that will impact the DNA of the workforce remains one of my top interests. Shifting my focus from those already in the workforce to those who will be entering the workforce in the next 10 to 20 years has required me to expand the scope of my research to include new drivers, forces and sociological factors (ie. schools). This blog is a running dialogue of my findings.

I called my blog "Technology Intelligence" as I am intrigued with this concept. As per my first series of posts, Emotional Intelligence is a key skill of the future workforce. Those proficient with dialogue, leading and understanding others will be well positioned in the workforce. As intelligent technologies become more ingrained into day-to-day work, workers will need understand technology on level similar to that of understanding people or a natural ecosystem. This level of intelligence is required to identify and manage technological opportunities, risks, integrations and even ethics. This concept has been branded Technology Intelligence.

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