Hatch Studio earns Cool Tool recognition

Kids Hack Labs is proud to be powered by Hatch Studio. Hatch Studio was awarded the 2020 EdTech Digest Award for Cool Tool in the category of Coding, Computer Science, and Engineering Solution, beating out competitors like LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3.

The EdTech Awards— the largest and most competitive recognition program in all of education technology recognizing the biggest names in edtech – and newer talents who are shaping the future of edtech. EdTech

Unlike its competitors, Hatch Studio software teaches students 8-18 years of age to read and write in real, fully-featured, programming languages; students develop core programming and computer science competencies in either JavaScript or Python. Hatch Coding.

Hatch Studio aligns perfectly with Kids HackLabs experiential learning approach. The Studio allows us to teach code through engaging coding experiences. The activities in Hatch Studio are excellent for experiencing and learning real code. The platform introduces skill appropriate challenges to a child as they complete activities. Hatch Studio allows students of varying skill levels to learn and practice the same concepts at varying levels that align to the individual learner. For example, “variables” is a key concept in coding. Those students identified with limited exposure to variables will be guided to simpler projects, as well as provided with additional scaffolding such as type what you see coding. Those with more experience will work on the same concept but with heightened hands-on challenges and limited scaffolding. Hatch Studio ensures a child’s progress and portfolio lives with the child, it is not scrapped year to year. When a child proceeds in levels and moves to new coaches, we continue to build on that child's individual journey.

Please join us in congratulating Hatch Studio on their recognition from EdTech Awards!

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