12 STEM and STEAM Activities for Kids at Home

Updated: May 7

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At Kids Hack Labs, we teach computer coding but we also teach computational thinking - the ability to approach problems, opportunities and challenges with deductive reasoning, creativity, critical thinking and active listening. Computational thinking is one of the three key skills that will prepare children for the future (see: The core skills to thrive in the Innovation Economy).

Writing code is a great way to develop computational thinking but so is completing other STEM based activities. To help keep your children entertained and learning, we have put together a list of STEM activities your child will want to complete and can be easily completed at home. When enjoying the list of STEM activities at home, you can join other families in sharing your child’s creations.

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12 STEM Activities

Up Cycling

Challenge: Give new life to something in your house that your family is no longer using or looking to dispose. Be creative and do your part for the environment.

Your Name in Crystals

Challenge: Grow your very own crystals from household products. Show the world your name in beautiful crystals.

Indoor Fireworks

Challenge: Enjoy fireworks in your kitchen without destruction. Create a show of color to celebrate an occasion or to add some flare to the day.

Unlock the Truth about the Sky

Challenge: Finally answer the age old question: Why is the sky blue? Impress your friends and family with your scientific knowledge.

Drop the Egg

Challenge: Devise an approach and build materials to see how high from the ground you can drop an egg without breaking it. Don’t sit there, get cracking (or not) - prove your injunity and challenge a friend or family member.

Catapult a Pom-Pom (or something else fluffy)

Challenge: Construct a pom-pom launching device. Maybe add to the fun by creating targets or by coming up with competitions to see who's pom-pom flies the farthest or is the most accurate. Go medieval and have fun with projectiles.

Cloud on Demand (two good options: option 1 & option 2)

Challenge: Build a could in a jar. Become a force of nature and create your own weather system.

Make a Bag Explode

Challenge: Using household products, create a chemical reaction that will make a bag pop like Hubba Bubba. Be a mix master and start your day with a bang.

Ice cream in a Bag

Challenge: Make a ziplock bag into an ice cream factory. Learn to use science for good...for the creation of yummy treats.

Build a Winch

Challenge: Using recycled materials, create a machine that will crank up an item of your choice (maybe not too heavy). Anyone can pick up an object with their hands but only a budding engineer can pick up an object with a machine.