Developing a Coder - The Experience

Developing a Coder


To tailor our teaching to your child's learning trajectory, we follow a clear measurable path to growth: Developing a Coder.

We actively monitor your child's development along the path. Progression along the path builds the skills experts believe are critical to the new economy and the skills educators are including in curriculums

The Developing a Coder learning path is supported by four core programs:

  • Junior Coding

  • Knowledge Builders

  • Problem Solvers

  • Senior Coding

Junior Coding: builds the coding and keyboarding skills of young children who range from being new to coding to those who are starting to recall simple syntax.

Knowledge Builders: builds the coding skills of children and teens who range from being new to coding to those who can recall coding syntax, understand introductory concepts and independently apply code to create simple projects.

Problem Solvers: advances coding skills of children and teens who are already applying code to projects of moderate difficulty. Students learn to code at increasing levels of complexity, developing their ability to analyze and evaluate best approaches to code projects and to create with code through a combination of creativity and critical thinking.

Senior Coding: advances coding skills of pre-teens and teens who are experienced in coding. Students build video games while using advanced concepts of software development. Your child is continually analyzing, evaluating and creating. They build resilience through critical thinking.

Learning Environment


 Our online classes are not “webinars” - its an online experience. We have created a dynamic experience where coaches engage students, children interact with other children, group work is completed in breakout rooms and one-on-one support is provided in private rooms.

 Your child's engagement does not start and end in the class. Your child has access to the coding platform 24/7. Coaches also spend time assessing you child outside of class to ensure your child is continually working towards their personalized goals.


Kids Hack Labs uses Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is a proven and secure classroom platform.


During our project based learning activities your child will build the skills experts believe are critical for the new economy:

  • computer programming: your child will learn the syntax, structure and algorithms to create programs using JavaScript or Python

  • computational logic: your child will learn to approach problems and challenges with creativity and critical thinking

  • emotional intelligence: your child will learn active listening, social perceptiveness and leadership

  • technological  intelligence: your child will learn digital literacy and begin to understand the tech landscape and its impact

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Learning coding empowers ...

Creation - your child will create and not simply consume technology

Thinking - your child will learn to approach problems and challenges with creativity and critical thinking (computational thinking)

Understanding: your child will truly understand their world with knowledge of the tech landscape 

Enjoyment: your child will experience the thrill of empowerment through discovery and engagement

Kids Hack Labs offers …

Real coding - your child will learn real computer programming and not block coding (Scratch)

Individualized - your child works toward individualized goals

Hatch Studio - adjusts to your child's skill level and builds excitement & confidence through practice (available 24/7)

Feedback - instant feedback through points, awards and coach feedback.You can track progress, view projects and engage with your child within Hatch Studio's portfolio.