Online Experience


 Our online classes are not “webinars” - its an online experience. We have created a dynamic experience where coaches engage students, children interact with other children, group work is completed in breakout rooms and one-on-one support is provided in private rooms.

 Your child's engagement does not start and end in the class. Your child has access to the coding platform 24/7. Coaches also spend time assessing you child outside of class to ensure your child is continually working towards their personalized goals.


Kids Hack Labs uses Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is a proven and secure classroom platform.


During our project based learning activities your child will build the skills experts believe are critical for the new economy:

  • computer programming: your child will learn the syntax, structure and algorithms to create programs using JaveScript

  • computational logic: your child will learn to approach problems and challenges with creativity and critical thinking

  • emotional intelligence: your child will learn active listening, social perceptiveness and leadership

  • technological  intelligence: your child will learn digital literacy and begin to understand the tech landscape and its impact


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