Learning Pods - Coding Package

Chromebooks included - will deliver.


Coding Package - Grades 3 to 11

Kids Hack Labs has put together a computer coding package for Learning Pods. We can deliver the program to kids participating in either virtual or in-person pods. In either circumstance, the instructors will deliver the program virtually. 

We are happy to setup a free trial class.

The package includes:

  • Delivery of Chromebooks: each child will receive their own Chromebook for the duration of the program. The Chromebooks will be sanitized and delivered to the students (only available in Ontario). 

  • Dedicated instructors: the program will be delivered by a dedicated instructor who will both deliver the training, as well as review and comment on each child's work. This will include weekly updates for parents. 

  • Access to coding suite: children will code within a coding suite that is accessible to the child 24/7 (during the duration of the program). Children can continue to code outside of class time. Parents are also welcome to view the platform and their child's progress. The child's work and progress is preserved so they can pick-up where they left off between periods of participation.

  • Custom program: The class is delivered weekly. Kids Hack Labs will work with the Pod to determine the optimal structure. The price will be dependent on the structure of the program. 


Our programs are accessible to all levels of coding experience. We tailor the experience and challenges to the age and the individual child's learning trajectory. Children will learn real code in an experiential environment.

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We teach children 21st Century skills through the power of programming. During our project based learning activities children build skills in:

  • computer programming: children learn the syntax, structure and algorithms to create programs using real code (JavaScript)

  • computational logic: children learn to approach problems and challenges with creativity and critical thinking

  • emotional intelligence: children learn active listening, social perceptiveness and leadership

  • technological  intelligence: children learn digital literacy and begin to understand the tech landscape and its impact

Click "Get Started"  to send us an email with your contact information or call us at 647-656-7760.