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Weekly Classes

Summer Break Day Camp

Weekly Coding Classes


Intermediate - JavaScript - Gr 3 to Gr 10

Includes: Knowledge Builders & Problem Solvers

9 Weeks - Starts week of July 5th

Children learn coding and key critical thinking skills. Classes are accessible to all levels of programming experience - from beginners to experienced coders. We offer two programs, Knowledge Builders and Problem Solvers, each with a tailored experience and challenges based on the age and the child's individual learning trajectory. Your child will learn JavaScript in an experiential environment.


Senior - Python - Gr 7 to Gr 12


9 Weeks - Starts week of July 5th

Classes are designed for those with experience in coding. Senior students take coding to the next level and learn to develop applications and video games. We tailor the experience and challenges based on age and the individual student's learning trajectory. Your teen and pre-teen will learn Python in an experiential environment using a complete IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and libraries used by professional coders..

Spring Break Coding Camp


Summer Camp - Coding - Gr 3 to Gr 10

Mornings or Afternoons - Jul 12th to Aug 16th

Your child will attend one 2 hour session per day during each week long camp. You can choose between a "morning" or "afternoon" session (see Schedule). The camp theme is "code your own adventure", where coaches will work with your child to set development, exploration and engagement goals. If your child is a regular with Kids Hack Labs, this is an opportunity for them to branch out, be creative, and focus on a skill they want to learn or a project they want to create. If they are new to Kids Hack Labs, this is an opportunity for your child to kick start their coding journey with a tailored experience.


Both JavaScript and Python will be available during our summer camps starting the week of July 12th.