Online Explorers - Grade 7 to 9


Level up you child's resilience, problem solving and science knowledge in an immersive gaming environment.

Actively Do Science - Your child learns science by solving problems and examining scientific phenomena: collect evidence to determine if a plant is invasive, build you own planet from scratch...


Engage In Engineering - Your child learns engineering by designing solutions: analyze data and compare design solutions to solve a food shortage with selective crop breeding...

Explore Social Psychology - Your child explores how they and others perceive themselves in relation to the natural world: discover a floating garbage path and learn how water currents function to determine its impact on the planet...



Through a combination of instructional coaching and independent exploration, you child navigates a journey of scientific discovery, solving real world problems through fact based conclusions. 

During our project based learning activities your child will build skills in:

  • science: your child will acquire scientific knowledge through 3 dimensional learning (learn, practice and apply)

  • computational logic: your child will learn to approach problems and challenges via fact finding and critical thinking

  • emotional intelligence: your child will learn active listening, social perceptiveness and leadership

  • social awareness: your child will build awareness of how they see themselves in relation to the natural world, experiencing the impact of their decisions


We will be exploring Ecology during the Winter Term

The class will explore the topics of Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems, and interdependent relationships in Ecosystems.



Locations: North America 

Cost:      $250

First Week: April 12th (Spring Term)

Format: 11 weeks - 1 class per week - 1.5 hrs. per class

*Exact times vary depending on time zone

Class: 4 students per 1 coach 

Recommended Grades: Grade 7 to Grade 9



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Thursday Classes - Apr 15 to Jun 24

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