Online Intermediate - Grade 3 to 10

We now offer two levels of Intermediate:


1. Knowledge Builders: builds the coding skills of children and teens who range from being new to coding to those who can recall coding syntax, understand introductory concepts and independently apply code to create projects.

2. Problem Solvers: advances coding skills of children and teens who are already applying code to projects of moderate difficulty. Students learn to code at increasing levels of complexity, developing their ability to analyze and evaluate best approaches to code projects and to create with code through a combination of creativity and critical thinking. 

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We tailor the experience to you child's individual learning trajectory. Your child will learn JaveScript or Python in an experiential environment.

During our project based learning activities your child will build skills in:

  • computer programming: your child will learn the syntax, structure and algorithms to create programs using JaveScript

  • computational logic: your child will learn to approach problems and challenges with creativity and critical thinking

  • emotional intelligence: your child will learn active listening, social perceptiveness and leadership

  • technological  intelligence: your child will learn digital literacy and begin to understand the tech landscape and its impact



Locations: North America (Eastern, Mountain & Pacific Time Zones)

Cost:      $350

Format: 12 weeks - 1 class/week - 2 hrs/class

*Exact times vary depending on time zone

Class: 4 - 5 students per 1 coach 

Recommended Grades: Grade 3 to Grade 10



Please Read:

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Monday: September 21 to December 7

>> Knowledge Builders

Tuesday: September 22 to December 8

>> Knowledge Builders

>> Problem Solvers

Wednesday: September 23 to December 9

>> Knowledge Builders

Thursday: September 24 to December 10

>> Problem Solvers

Saturday: September 26 to December 12

>> Knowledge Builders

>>Problem Solvers

Sunday: September 27 to December 13

>> Knowledge Builders

>> Problem Solvers

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