Developing a Scientist - The Experience

Developing a Scientist

Observe a Scientific Phenomena

Your child starts class learning from a coach about a scientific concept. After the lesson, your child enters a gamified world to engage and interact with a scientific phenomena. 

Collect Evidence

With the support of a coach, your child collects evidence and conducts experiments to better understand the scientific phenomena and to solve a real world problem.

Build an Argument

Your child builds an argument and an explanation from their evidence. The coach reviews and provides feedback on your child's explanation and overall journey. 

Keep a Journal

Your child learns to write a blog. They capture the concepts and experiences gained during their journeys and share them in their personal blog.

Learning Environment


 Our online classes are not “webinars” - its an online experience. We have created a dynamic experience where coaches engage students, children interact with other children, group work is completed in breakout rooms and one-on-one support is provided in private rooms.

 Your child's engagement does not start and end in the class. Your child has access to the gaming platform 24/7. Coaches also spend time assessing you child outside of class to ensure your child is continually working towards their personalized goals. You will receive a weekly update on their progress.


Kids Hack Labs uses Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is a proven and secure classroom platform.

The game-based learning, supported by our coaches:​

  • empowers your child to be an authentic science problem solver

  • engages your child in gamified storylines

  • creates realistic experiences to practice evidence-based decision making 

  • facilitates the application of knowledge to draw conclusions

"Your child solves a food shortage using genetics, or figures out that animals are sick from microplastics by examining the ecosystem and collecting data."

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