Online Change Makers Camp


Enabling innovation, Empowering creation & Engaging empathy


Knowledge and facts are easily obtained. Distilling information to draw conclusions and to innovate is a challenge. Unfortunately, the teaching of innovation takes a backseat in our children’s education. The younger a child is when they encounter design thinking, the better they will be wired to learn and thrive in these environments.


Your child learns to innovate and take on challenges using Design Thinking.


Your child learns to create and bring innovation to life through digital literacy, HTML coding and web design.


Your child is challenged and motivated by a social topic inspired by citizens, places, and environments. 


“We still talk about a knowledge economy, but  the reality is that the world is moving beyond it. What we have now is an innovation economy. Knowledge has been commoditized. There is no longer a competitive advantage in simply knowing more than other people, because Google knows everything. What the world cares about is not how much you know, but what you can do with it.”
Tony Wagner,  Senior Research Fellow, Learning Policy Institute.


Step 1: Empathize
Step 1: Empathize

Step 6: Create
Step 6: Create




Locations: North America (Eastern, Mountain & Pacific Time Zones)

Cost:      $175  - 5 day camp - 4 hrs/day

Format: 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon*

*Exact times vary depending on time zone

Camp: 15 students supported by 2 coaches 

Recommended Grades: Grade 4 to Grade 10


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Week 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 7 complete!

Week 8: August 17th to August 21st

Week 9: August 24th to August 28th

Week 10: August 31st to September 4th